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Microsoft Career Job Center is a web based portal that can help you search for available jobs in Microsoft. This program can also provide information about available jobs in Microsoft based organization. Microsoft Career Job Center provides various Microsoft based jobs such as Application Specialist, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Qualified Computer specialist, Microsoft Professional, Microsoft Trainee, Microsoft Train instructor, Microsoft Lead Trainer, Microsoft Accountant and Microsoft Specialist. All these job titles can help you find the ideal job according to your qualifications and skills. The database at Microsoft Career Job Center provides detailed information about all jobs, their opening, requirements and salary. Some of the Microsoft career training programs are Microsoft Qualified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Microsoft Professional.

Microsoft Qualified Systems Engineer (MSFE) is a kind of professional who has the knowledge on Microsoft Windows operating system, software development, networking and security. Microsoft Qualified Computer Specialist (MCPS) on the other hand has the knowledge on using Microsoft Office products, audio, visual effects, networking and security. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers are trained to handle different types of hardware and software for creating interactive media, data visualization and business process management. Microsoft Certified Software Engineers are trained in creating applications and solving programming puzzles. The basic requirements of Microsoft Certified Software Engineers (MCS) include strong problem solving abilities and good technical writing skills along with creativity.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers can apply for a variety of jobs. They can work as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Professional, Microsoft Trainee, Microsoft Accountant and Microsoft Specialist. There is no limit on the number of post shared positions that an individual can apply for. Many recruiters prefer to post a number of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers for a variety of open positions in a company.

On the other hand many companies prefer to post few Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Microsoft Professionals for getting maximum utilization of their time, talent and money. The roles available as Microsoft Career Software engineers can be divided into various categories like Microsoft Desktop Software, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Retail Systems and Microsoft Education. For getting these positions the candidates have to pass many entrance tests like AICharts, PMP, and other standard Microsoft exams. Some of the important Microsoft career training courses in India are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Qualified Database Administrator, Microsoft Qualified Network Administrator, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Solution Developer, Microsoft Application Specialist, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Solution Developer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Microsoft Qualified Network Administrator. Candidates who do not have any of the above mentioned certifications but have excellent communication skills, creativity and problem solving capabilities can also apply for Microsoft Community Software, Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Share Point Professional, Microsoft Visual Studio Professional.

The recruitment agencies follow certain specific rules and procedures to post certified Microsoft System Engineer, Microsoft Qualified Database Administrator, Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Access Professional, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SMPS, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Oracle to their websites. Candidates applying for any one of these jobs need to visit the website itself, fill up the application form, upload all the requisite documents as requested by the employer and the resume needs to be posted along with a cover letter. After a successful submission of the resume the candidate will receive an automated email which will contain a link for calling or communicating with the interviewer. Candidates can contact the interviewer at any time during the interview process through an Internet telephony feature called “skype calls”. The employers also require a Microsoft Windows certification to hold the post.

To start the interview process candidates have to dial a toll free number provided by Microsoft, the recruiter then provides them with their name, contact details, interview questionnaire and more. The recruiter collects all the necessary details of the applicant and compares them with the Microsoft requirements to identify the right candidate. The candidates who get registered with the company website are referred by the recruiter to the Microsoft qualified Microsoft Certified candidates for final interviews. The interview process is documented in the Microsoft HR Pro software.

An employee hired through this process is entitled to Microsoft benefits like: One week of paid vacation, One year of healthcare insurance, One Year of Office Repayment, One Year of discounts on Microsoft Dynamics GP, One Year of discounts on Microsoft Sharepoint, One Year of discounts on Microsoft Dynamics SL, One Year of discounts on Microsoft Windows Mobile and LCD Screen Protection. With this benefits the employees have the option of working from anywhere they want. Candidates who are successful in getting hired have the option of learning two additional skill sets: Microsoft Business Solutions and Microsoft Project Professional. The software enables them to conduct Microsoft Business Solutions exams while on-the-job training is available through e-books and videos given by Microsoft Certified consultants. Remote work experience is also possible.

The other benefits of the program are that candidates will be given the job title after successful completion of the course. They will be provided with all the necessary training and guidance to enable them get jobs in the region of their choice. Recruiters for Microsoft Career who have been trained in the program and possess certifications are able to negotiate better salaries for their candidates. The process of applying for a Microsoft Business Solutions and Microsoft Project Professional job can be started through online modes or by contacting a recruitment consultant through phone, chat or walk-in. Candidates who have successfully passed the course and are hired on final salary negotiation can also get discounts on Microsoft products like: Xbox 360, Play station, Surface, Office 365,<|startoftext|> . All these products are manufactured and sold by Microsoft.

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